Extreme Minimalism: Simple Hair


As a woman that lives in the west I have struggled with the concept of beauty. I’m not twenty anymore so I don’t find the need to try to keep up with all the rage in fashion. When I decided to become a minimalist I sat down and thought about what I wanted as a person, a soul that wanted to attract like souls, and the lifestyle I have longed for. Hair has been an area of stress for me.

What I want:
Long hair that is feminine
A Classic look
Minimum products and fuss

What I chose:

Baking soda based shampoo that I make
Vinegar rinse to condition and balance Ph
No blow drying, curling, or straightening appliances

What I do:

2 tbsp Baking Soda
1 cup Corn Starch
2 cups Water
10 drops Essential oil of choice (optional)

Conditioning Rinse:

1 cup vinegar
2 cups water
10 drops peppermint oil

Mix in spray bottle and spray hair after shampoo. Leave in hair

Towel dry hair gently
Pull back and secure while still damp.

I’m growing out my bangs right now and look forward to having them long enough to pull into the rest of my hair. I trim my own hair for now. When it gets too long I will probably have it cut twice a year. I left color behind and look forward to just allowing that pretty silver to mix in with my brunette hair. I haven’t been able to let go of color before but I am determined to let that all go and not have to worry about it again. I always make sure that my hair is impeccably neat and not dowdy. I want natural and minimal but I don’t want to look like I don’t care.


Minimalism #4: Simple Entertainment

Centro cultural Tijuana, con fuente.

Centro cultural Tijuana, con fuente. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)


We are a family that is easily entertained. Every once in a while we do like to take in a theater show if it has the potential to speak to all of us but for the most part we just enjoy being together.  Our entertainment is taking up less space as we gradually go to digital and leave the cupboards of movies, music, and books behind.  How do we keep our entertainment simple?


* We Use Technology to It’s Potential


TV and Internet: My husband is a gadget guy so we do spend money on new technology every once in a while and it has paid off. We have an internet capable TV with a Google TV Box that we can surf such things as Youtube  for great content such as free exercise videos, book reviews, and music videos. We supervise our child when he watches as content appropriate videos aren’t always easy to filter.  We also subscribe to Netflix for a minimal fee each month that allows us to watch practically any program or movie we want.


Smartphones and Tablets: Once again the gadget guy keeps our life simple by allowing us to have handy applications such as Kindle, Evernote, and many others at our fingertips wherever we go.  We read the news, read free books, and watch Netflix movies and TV shows. This doesn’t mean that these gadgets take over our lives. We can just as easily put them away when the time comes.


*We Take Joy in the Ordinary


Summertime Walks: As soon as our youngest was able to walk with us we have made a summertime tradition of walking in the evenings together. We try to find safe local parks and walking paths that provide us with an interesting view of nature as we go. Our son loves birds and studying life cycles of plants and animals so we take every opportunity to study along the way as well.


Pops Burgers: This little burger place is in our new hometown. We don’t find it fancy or fast food. They cook our food after we order it and provide great service. What we love is the back in time atmosphere of the 1950’s malt shop. One of the things that touched our hearts is the parking space outside that is reserved for Vietnam Veterans. Simple, good food at a great price. Love that.


Spending Time at Home: This is not the usual for families anymore. Everyone is too busy going to activities and doing something else. My husband travels most of the time so we find that being at home together is one of the best things we love. We always have “tea time” at 3pm when we have a hot drink and a sugar-free sweet treat. We started tea time as a way to schedule a snack time for our child and it’s now become a bit of a tradition for us. It may just be “our thing”.


*We Watch for Free Events


The Planetarium: In our hometown the college has a planetarium that offers a free day once a month. We can go and view student project shows, science projects geared towards homeschool kids, and visit with all kinds of experts.  We also have the option to travel to the nearest city and explore the displays there as well. They also have shows at a low price as well as an IMAX theater.


The Nature Center: We are lucky enough to have a local nature center. Every once in a while they offer free events or we can pay the $4 admission price. The Nature Center offers all kinds of learning opportunities that are perfect for families.


Festivals: It seems that every community has a festival available at some point during the year. We watch the local calendars and plan to attend these events. This is good people watching and usually involves kid’s activities as well as inexpensive food offerings or samples.


The Library: The library isn’t just about books anymore. We recently saw a bird show there for free.  We also signed up for there program that lends ebooks just like a traditional library book. Love that too.


These are just a few examples of what we do for simple entertainment. It does take some planning sometimes but other times we go where the mood takes us. We are determined to have fun without spending money needlessly. What do you do for fun?







Out With the Old

2010 Chevrolet Camaro 1LT photographed in USA....

2010 Chevrolet Camaro 1LT photographed in USA. Category:Fifth-generation Chevrolet Camaro Category:Black coupes (Photo credit: Wikipedia)


Today was a day of purging. Inspired by Tshirts and Twine I went through my bed linens, bath towels, bathroom supplies, and clothes.  I gave away a child booster seat and books to the neighbor. Tomorrow I will be donating the extra towels, washcloths, sheets, and various clothes, and jewlery that have collected over the last year. It makes me feel like I am shedding an old skin and I like the new one underneath.  I went through my son’s room and gleaned things to give away to kids that will love these things.


My husband is not such a minimalist. He is a gadget guy. I do love that about him and with his gifts of a smartphone, tablet, and laptop, I have been able to go digital with my writing, lists, books, movies, and music. We are gradually getting rid of more and replacing our favorites in digital format. We like that we don’t have to store much anymore and it conveniently travels with us when we go. What I have struggled with is that he wants the house, the boat, the bike, and a new Camaro. I want the small apartment downtown and to work from home.  Today I realize that even though he doesn’t share my minimalist adventures I do think he will come around when he sees how happy I am with less. Maybe I’ll keep sneaking it in when he’s not looking?



How Extreme is Extreme Minimalism?

Free Ride by Tony Smith - 3D rendering

Free Ride by Tony Smith – 3D rendering (Photo credit: Wikipedia)


Could you be the guy that only has 100 things? Could you go without your car, your TV, or your smartphone? Are there boundaries to extreme minimalism or are they just made up?


My journey into minimalism has been extreme at times. If I had my way I would live very simply.


* I would live in a small city downtown area where I could walk to the local grocer as well as the theater. I wouldn’t own a car.


* I would eat fresh vegetables, fruit, bread, and never cook except in the slowcooker. I wouldn’t own a microwave.


* I would own a laptop computer and do away with cable, paper, and phones. I would communicate and take notes online.


* I would own one pair of  red shoes that would take me everywhere. I would give away the others that I don’t need.


* I would work at home in my jeans and t-shirt that I own three of each. I wouldn’t wear black ever again.


*I would take care of my body but I wouldn’t worry about makeup, hair color, or what men think of me.


* I would use writing as my creative outlet. Instead of gifts I would give my time to make others see their worth.


* I would eat simple food that I love. Instead of spending time cooking and cleaning the mess I would sing.


* I would not be afraid to take a walk 0r a hike and fill my spirit with nature as it should be.


* I would work as a writer and life coach from home filling others heads with my ideas and learning their ideas for life.