Minimalism #3 Drink Water


The coffee habit is not just an addiction but a sentimental activity with my husband. We have spent much time drinking coffee together and its hard for me to let go. I changed to decaffeinated a while ago for a few weeks and I would have stayed with that were it not for the objections of my family. However, even changing to decaffeinated coffee didn’t satisfy my minimalist self. It is not a vital piece of the puzzle. So, my decision to just drink water. Hot water in the morning instead of coffee and drink water throughout the day as I wish. I have to tell my sentimental self that it won’t matter what is in the cup as long as I still want to maintain the ritual of sitting with my husband or perhaps I should recognize that I have a choice to start something new. What will be our new sentimental ritual?

#1 Having Less

#2 Simple Food

#3 Drink Water



Minimalism #1 Simple Food

Food Not Bombs flyer

(Photo credit: Toban B.)

Life is changing.

My food is changing with it.

Breakfast: Oatmeal

Lunch: Bread, nuts, fruit

Supper : noodles, rice, or couscous with olive oil and vegetables

Simple food.