Minimalism #2 Having Less

wayne-dyer carl-rozycki

wayne-dyer carl-rozycki (Photo credit: Marti W)

This week will be another journey in letting go. I have purged before and cycled back to having more. This time I return to less with a new perspective. I listened to Wayne Dyer talk about self-actualization. He also talked about reaching the point where you leave the tribe without the tribe knowing it. I like that idea. We have minimized some in the last few years but I am now at a point personally that I don’t have to hold onto material things that represent memories. The past doesn’t have the hold on me that it used to and now I can let go of many things. This is all part of my journey to less. I have studied the law of attraction and believe that I understand it well. The trouble is that I just don’t need wealth and endless opportunities. I have all I need. I need less. I like having less. It has brought me peace and less stress. I don’t compare myself to others much anymore. ┬áSo this week there will be less.

Less Clothes

Less Paper

Less Personal products

Less noise

Less collectibles

Less toys

Less books

Less worry

Less stress

Less cleaning

Less clutter

More Joy

More Space

More peace