Out With the Old

2010 Chevrolet Camaro 1LT photographed in USA....

2010 Chevrolet Camaro 1LT photographed in USA. Category:Fifth-generation Chevrolet Camaro Category:Black coupes (Photo credit: Wikipedia)


Today was a day of purging. Inspired by Tshirts and Twine I went through my bed linens, bath towels, bathroom supplies, and clothes.  I gave away a child booster seat and books to the neighbor. Tomorrow I will be donating the extra towels, washcloths, sheets, and various clothes, and jewlery that have collected over the last year. It makes me feel like I am shedding an old skin and I like the new one underneath.  I went through my son’s room and gleaned things to give away to kids that will love these things.


My husband is not such a minimalist. He is a gadget guy. I do love that about him and with his gifts of a smartphone, tablet, and laptop, I have been able to go digital with my writing, lists, books, movies, and music. We are gradually getting rid of more and replacing our favorites in digital format. We like that we don’t have to store much anymore and it conveniently travels with us when we go. What I have struggled with is that he wants the house, the boat, the bike, and a new Camaro. I want the small apartment downtown and to work from home.  Today I realize that even though he doesn’t share my minimalist adventures I do think he will come around when he sees how happy I am with less. Maybe I’ll keep sneaking it in when he’s not looking?




4 thoughts on “Out With the Old

  1. Terrific article…it always seems like an inequality in relationships in regards to this…still trying to come up with creative ways to remedy this. Maybe he will jump on the bandwagon when he sees how nice his home looks with everything put away and looking nice!

  2. I totally agree…my husband always likes being in my parents’ house because my mom, being one who enjoys throwing away stuff, has set their home up to be very “neat and tidy” It is definitely restful being there. I think sometimes the spouses know they like seeing less stuff but possibly can’t quite put their finger on why they like the feeling a particular room gives them when they sit in it. Making the association is definitely a leap sometimes

  3. “Maybe I’ll keep sneaking it in when he’s not looking?”

    This made me laugh, because I totally did the same thing! I’ve heard story after story of couples doing just that: one person making the changes, and the other becoming more intrigued and interested over time. We’re just starting to reach a place where my husband is independently working toward minimalism. It’s a fantastic feeling.

    And thanks for the shout-out! I’m so glad my story has helped you. 🙂

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